AGRO COOL INDIA LTD is committed to Protection of the Environment for a Sustainable Planet, Safety and Healthy working conditions to prevent ill health and work related injuries.

We are committed to :

  • Provide a Safe and Healthy working environment for all employees, external providers and customers; by ensuring a safe and environment friendly working practices.
  • Ensure that all applicable Compliance Requirements are followed and complied during design, installation, operation and maintenance of manufacturing facility.
  • Protect the environment including Prevention of Pollution and to eliminate the hazards and reducing occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Risks. We shall be continually improving our Environmental, Health and Safety Management and its performance.
  • Ensuring and Setting Objectives and Targets to improve our Environment, Health and Safety performances.
  • Apply current techniques for Identification of Process Safety Hazards and Risk Assessments & Control through an appropriate combination of Sustainable Technical, Organizational and Personal Safety Measures.
  • Participation and Consultation of workers along with line functional managers shall be encouraged through ongoing Occupational Health and Safety Management System to achieve Operational Excellence.
  • Ensure that all external providers and their employees shall follow the Agro Cool India Ltd Safety Requirements.
  • Observance of safe practices is a condition of employment. Performance on Safety, Health & Environment protection, is one of the important criteria for selection & career growth of an individual in the organization.
  • Improve the process of manufacturing by eliminating or minimizing waste and or converting the generated wastes into reusable / or recycled materials, where ever possible to minimize the Lifecycle Impact.
  • Conduct all operations in a manner consistent with good manufacturing practices and good industrial hygiene practice to prevent adverse health effects on employees.
  • Economic considerations will never be allowed to override Safety, Health & Environment protection.