AgroCool India Ltd has an independent Quality Control Lab separate from the production area which is manned by qualified and experienced staff. Our QC lab is divided into three sections: Chemical Lab, Instrumentation Lab 1 & 2, Microbiological Lab.

Our Q.C Instrumentation Lab is equipped with all the latest sensitive and sophiscated instrument for analysis with GLP certification. We have in-house perfection testing with HPLC’s, GC-HS, UV, GC for Solvent testing, FTIR, Malvern Particle Size Analyser, Digital Automatic KF Moisture, Digital Automatic Melting Point & many more… All the test methods are validated & verified with all establised calibration procedures.


AgroCool India Ltd has a well equipped Microbiological lab for our product testing & water testing.Our microbiology lab uses good practices ensuring that all the tests performed by experienced certified microbiologist are in a very hygenic and disinfected Class A,B,D enviroment using excellent quality devices to get accurate results.