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Agro Cool India Ltd. has got WHO GMP certificate (COPP for Niacinamide and Niacin).
Agro Cool India Ltd. is GMP certified company.
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Agro Cool India is a one of the leading manufacturer of Niacinamide, I.P/B.P/U.S.P powder and granules in india of capacity of about 60-70 tons per month and caters to a number of reputable companies. The factory premises encompasses an area of 9000 sq.yards; the cover area being 16000 sq.ft. which houses the main plant, office, machinery store and worker facilities. We have complete set up of quality control lab, Analytical Lab and R&D laboratory with the latest and fully equipped testing equipments and instruments like U.V., G.C., I.R., H.P.C.L.
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Niacinamide is one of the water soluble B-complex vitamin known as Vitamin B-3. Also known as Nicotinamide. Niacinamide is available in both powder & Granular form in various particle size and grades I.P., B.P., U.S.P. as per customer requirement.
Niacin is water soluble vitamin also known as Nicotinic acid. Niacin is available in I.P., B.P. & Feed Grade.
Clobetasol Propionate is a corticosteroid of the glucocorticoid class used to treat various skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis. Clobetasol Propionate available in IP and USP grade.
Silver Sulfadiazine Silver sulfadiazine belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfa antibiotics. Silver sulfadiazine available in USP grade.
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