Agro Cool India Ltd has been set up with an idea of a multi product (API's) company with presence in diverse segments. ACIL is built to excel with facilities to serve premium markets in India & around the world.

ACIL is licensed under Schedule M & G.M.P. certified company. It has complete set up for manufacturing for various API's as per WHO G.M.P. norms. Our production and dispensing area is well lighted and ventilated with proper Air handling units to maintain temperature and humidity. We have separate areas for warehousing of various categories of materials and products like starting and packaging materials, finished products, rejected, returned and recalled products, machine and equipment spare parts.

Presently, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Niacinamide I.P. /B.P. /U.S.P. & Niacin I.P. /B.P. powder & granules with decent capacity to serve some of reputed companies in India.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our business. As a responsible citizen, we are committed to the cause of better quality of life. AgroCool India gives top priority to environment. We are committed to protecting the environment. We operate in & ensuring the health of our employees. We constantly thrive at modifications in our process which will reduce quantity of effluent. Though quantity of effluent produce in our products is negligible. The training on environmental awareness is imparted to all the employees, with regard to protection of environment. Agrocool India Ltd is an active member of Haryana Environmental Management Society. AgroCool India also has full equipped and technically proven Effluent Treatment plant (E.T.P.)
Effluent Treatment Plant
Agrocool India Ltd. has complete set up of Effluent Treatment Plant which can treat around 20-30 ton of effluent water in a day. It is based on latest technology in which oil and grease is first remove from the waste water and then transfer to equalization tank where chemical dosing is done. Then it is transfer to settling tank and sludge is remove from bottom of settling tank to sludge drying bed. After settling, it is filtered and in end this treated pure water is evaporated in solar evaporation tank and through technology of forge evaporation.
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