Agro Cool India Production facility has been set up at Charkhi Dadri, District Bhiwani, Haryana for the purpose of manufacturing Bulk Drugs. We use a range of highly specialized machinery to meet quality standards, namely: I.P/B.P/U.S.P management system. Presently we are manufacturing Niacinamide I.P. /B.P. /U.S.P. & Niacin I.P./B.P. Soon we will be starting with some more products.

Product Name: Niacinamide
Synonyms: Nicotinamide, Nicotinic acid amide
Chemical Name: 3-Pyridine-carboxylamide
Molecular formula:
Molecular Weight: 122.1 g/mol
Melting Point: 128-131 C
CAS No.: 98-92-0
Specification Compliance: I.P./B.P./U.S.P
Form: Powder and Granular
Niacinamide is one of the water soluble B - Complex vitamins also known as Vitamin B - 3. Niacinamide is a necessary part of body's pathway for making energy. Niacinamide helps to prevent and control diabetes, maintains normal functioning of skin, nerves, digestive system Niacinamide is part of coenzymes essential for metabolism. Because we cannot make it, we must acquire niacinamide from outside sources , making it by definition, a vitamin.

We manufacture Niacinamide in both powder & granular form in various particle size and grades as per customer requirement.
Grades Available: I.P., B.P., U.S.P.

Applications in the following industries

:: Herbs & dietary supplements.
:: Pharmaceuticals Formulations ( Tablets/Capsules/Injections etc.)
:: Vitamins/ Minerals Premix
:: Nutritional Ingredients.
:: Cosmetic Industry.
:: Infants Formulas.
:: Breakfast Cereals & Many others.
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